Saying good-bye…

…to all of the crap in my cabinets and refrigerator I lovingly call “food”.  Seriously, I could have cried over a few things.

Is this a “diet”? No.  Is it a life-style change? Well… yes.  But that term is so bland, purposely obtuse, and over-used.  In my mind, I hear “lifestyle change” and I think, “give me a pen so I can stab out my eye” knowing that will be so much more fun.  I try not to bullshit myself, so I’m not going to bullshit you either:  No matter what way you slice it, to all of you health gurus of the world who would say otherwise, “lifestyle change” purely in the form and for the purpose of making dietary changes = DIET.  That means, someone is going to tell me, “You can’t have that cookie,” and my next move will be to binge on a box of them. That’s not what this is about for me.

This is a lifestyle change, but the purpose isn’t just to lose weight and it’s not just to eat better or cleaner.  The point of the whole thing is to figure out what I’m putting in my body that’s causing all of its distress.  I’m saying good-bye to my favorites for these 30 days to find out if they’re really the bad guys.  Once I figure out what foods are causing my physical issues, I simply will not reintroduce them to my diet.

Let’s discuss my lovers.  Yes, I said that.  Lovers.  I love them.  I’m obsessed with them, and we have to break up for a while:

  • Gluten, which is found in every bread, pizza, cake, and cookie I’ve ever loved
  • Sugar.  Also found in every bread, pizza, cake, and cookie I’ve ever loved.  Added to that list is, oh my God, chocolate.  This one hurts my soul… Please God don’t let it be Hershey!
  • Dairy.  Milk for my cereal? No.  Cheese for my cracker/pasta/just because? No. Butter for my warm slice of toast? Sorry sister, you are S.O.L…. Damn.

Let’s talk about what I’m going to learn.  Like any difficult break up, I will cry, I might beg, I might try to creep on them in the grocery store, but with time, I will be able to let go.  In the process I’m going to learn something about my body – how bad the relationship with that food really is for me and how strong I can be to walk by it.

How did I start?  I cleaned out the freezer, refrigerator, and cabinets.  I literally threw away ANYthing I thought might tempt me even a little bit.  Anything I felt kind of, eh… about, I kept but moved to a different space.  I have four very large cabinets in my pantry which were all kind of half-full of stuff, some of which was older than God himself.  I went through all of it.  I chucked a bunch but any keepers were moved to the two cabinets furthest from the kitchen.  The new and improved stuff is now in the cabinets closest to the kitchen.  See where I’m going with this?…  I did the same in the refrigerator/freezer.  If it was frozen or could be frozen AND was a keeper, I moved it to the deep freezer and will be keeping room in the refrigerator for only the things I will be eating over the next month.

The grocery store was interesting.  Who knew there was so much stuff in the ingredients lists??  We’re meant to eat as much organic food as we can find while sticking to the can-do and cannot lists.  The nice thing for me, is my mom and dad are doing this detox also, and we all live on the family homestead.  We get to share the shopping and cooking.  We also got to share in the wonders of shopping in a way we never have before.  Even with three of us, shopping took more stops and easily three times as long as it normally does.  I’ve been assured it gets easier as you learn to read the labels. I remain hopeful with realistic expectations.

We started our quest at a great discount grocery store which has more organic food than any one store I’ve ever been in.  Is the can dented? Probably.  Are the chips crushed? It’s a gamble.  But when I save 50-75% on my bill, I’ll take that bet every time!  Our second stop was Aldi. If you didn’t already know, Aldi now has an entire line of organic foods in their stores and usually carry some organic produce. They also sell organic and/or cage free eggs and chicken as well as grass-fed beef, all of which are on the can-do list.  Again – big savings.  Our third stop was Wegmans (my sister says Sprouts is like Wegmans for her).  Anything left on the list was purchased at Wegmans; mainly produce, other than wild-caught seafood.  Their price on the particular seafood item I was looking for was triple the cost for a similar product I found at Walmart, which was our last stop and the quickest (Amen).

We didn’t save a ton of money on this trip.  I MAYBE spent a little more than I usually do at the store(s).  Eating organic/cage-free/grass-fed is not known for its economic-friendliness, however, I bet if I look at the receipts and take off all of the staple items we purchased just this one time, I would find we have saved.  From past experience, I can unequivocally say, it’s easier to save when you make a list and you then respect the list.  Bypassing all of the expensive junkfood didn’t hurt either. Also, I eat on the fly, a.k.a. drive-thru or “big booty” food as it’s known in my sister’s house, three to four times per week, so I’ll be saving there as well.

I’m interested to see how next week’s shopping trip goes. I’ll keep you posted!

The Last Supper was tonight. It was a little thing we like to call brinner (breakfast + dinner), and we love it.  Pancakes with nutmeg, breakfast sausage patties, and a fruit salad of dragon fruit, starfruit, and mango.  ‘Twas amazing.  I’m hoping it’s something I get to welcome back into my life after this detox!

What’s the plan for tomorrow, Day 1?  I’m going to follow the program.  There are supplements to take and menus to follow.  Arbonne has made it very easy to get ready.  Once I committed to the 30 days, I was automatically set up in a support group full of strangers who are doing the same thing I am and who are starting at the same time I am.  I have been so well-resourced, leading up to this, that to fail means I just didn’t try. Beyond the needed supplements which are sold in a kit (how easy is that?), I’ve also been given sets of 1-week and 4-week menus and shopping lists for each as well. The hardest part was deciding to do it.

Check back for an update tomorrow night!


4 thoughts on “Saying good-bye…

  1. You are amazing! AH MAZING!!!! With tears in my eyes from giggling to understanding what your saying this is great!! You will inspire many, you inspire me! You got this!!!


  2. I laughed. I cried. I laughed again. I’m so proud of you, Liz. Keep up the good (great, amazing) work. It will all pay off. You are an inspiration. You can do anything you set your mind to.


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