Why detox?

It could be so many reasons.  Some people detox just out of a desire to be more fit; others for medical reasons.  I’m doing this for both.  I can’t speak for anyone else, so I’ll just speak for myself.  Hopefully something I tell you over the next month will strike a chord.  I only hope to share the challenges and joys of my experience to give others the encouragement to try.

My sister is a consultant with Arbonne International and has had great personal success with their detox program.  She started it with my brother-in-law who has suffered from numerous gastric issues over the past 15 years and has been on any number of medication cocktails depending on the doctor treating him.  Two weeks into their detox program they were both down over 10 pounds and he was completely medication-free.  Seeing his progress ignited hope within me.  Maybe I can find relief too…

I have been overweight nearly all of my life (I’m almost 40 – we don’t talk about that), and I’ve done the yo-yo diet thing so many times, it’s embarrassing.  I’ve never really done the fad diets.  I like working out.  Weight training makes me feel strong! but I only commit to it when I feel like it; that’s for a few months out of the year.  I haven’t ever set a goal number I want to get to with my weight.  I don’t even own a scale!  I’m not picky, I just want my clothes to fit.  When they start to get tight, I go to the gym.  Except I haven’t done that in about a year, and oh-sweet-Jesus!, I’m in a love affair with food.  It is my passion, my friend, my crutch, and my mortal enemy.  Hello, Dysfunction… (said in a saucy, come-hither voice)

I was diagnosed with Daily Chronic Headache with Migraine, or that’s what one doctor called it, about 15 years ago.  There’s always pain or uncomfortable pressure somewhere inside my skull.  Some days it can be ignored and on others it can’t.  I do life.  I don’t stop because of my headache.  I have a good job I love and a teenage man-child, so I Band-Aid with pain relievers.  No doctor has been able to give me a good answer about why it’s there and no real solutions have been given.

There have been clues over the past ten years about what can help me. When I’m working out habitually, my headache is more manageable.  When I’m working out, I also naturally crave more healthy food.  I’ve always thought it was the physical activity that was helping, but after my brother-in-law’s experience, I’m fairly certain it was my dietary changes.

I’m ready!  I’m ready to see what happens.  I’m ready for something to be different. My cupboards and refrigerator are stocked for Week 1.  More than anything, in this moment, I’m nervous.  I know this is going to take more will power and focus than I’ve ever used for one purpose.

Stay tuned!  I’ll be back tomorrow.


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