Day 3 of 30. Hangry. That is all.

I learned pretty quickly this morning that I was not in the clear on the consistent hunger feelings.  Yesterday, I was talking to a person I work with about what I’m doing and explained that feeling to her.  Having gone through a similar experience herself, she quickly told me “That’s the sugar talkin’.  That’s sugar withdrawal.”  She went on to explain that your body craving sugar creates this feeling, and by day 3, “you’re going to think, ‘i can’t do this.  I just can’t do it’ but stick with it.”

Me and Sugar… We’re like peas and carrots (now say that like Forrest Gump).  We’re buddies, we’re pals…  Except I need to take a break from our relationship and now he’s my bloodthirsty super-stalker!  My body is seeking sugar out and telling me to satisfy it.  The level of hunger today is a little worse than Day 1, and I promise you I have not had an empty stomach.  The hunger is at its worst right after shakes or eating – my stomach is SO confused!  I’m just ignoring that ignorant little brat and going about my business.  But seriously… Ugh.

So the day started with waking up one hour after I normally do, and 45 minutes after my alarm went off.  In full panic mode, I raised the roof to get the man-child out of bed, took the fastest shower possible, skipped hair and did essential make-up in order to give myself enough time to get shakes made.  They were weird.  Today’s mix included:

  • Arbonne Vanilla Protein Shake Mix
  • Arbonne Daily Fiber Boost
  • A little bit of frozen blueberries
  • Baby kale
  • Green apple slices I didn’t eat yesterday but were still pretty ok
  • Liquid: 1/4 coconut milk, 3/4 water

The new blender gets a thumbs up!  But apple in my shake gets a thumbs down, for sure.  It was ok, but the whole thing tasted “green” for lack of a better description.  I think cinnamon would have taken care of it, so it would have tasted more like apple cinnamon.  We’ll see if I can brave it again.  I’ll let you know.  P.S. After dropping the kiddo at school, I still made it to work with three minutes to spare!

I’m trying not to give in to snacks as much as possible.  I’m really leaning on the Fizz Sticks and the detox tea to help me through.  Today, I ate a few almonds in the morning, and a small avocado mid-afternoon.  By the end of the day, I just needed to get home to get something real and solid into my stomach.  Through some messages with the mama, I assumed she was getting dinner prep started for the family meal and would be cooking it as well.  Sorry.  I misspelled that – it’s ASS-U-ME.

Let’s take a break here and define hangry.  Hunger + Angry = Hangry.   When your body is telling you to eat, and there’s something or someone in your way of getting to what it needs, I think it releases some kind of poison into your blood stream that makes you feel rage in your heart, and makes you say vile things to lovely people.  I came home, learned my mother had prepped dinner for everyone, but had only cooked her own in anticipation that I would be home later and would want a warm dinner.  How nice, right?  That’s what I think in hindsight!  In that moment, I said something that loosely equates to, “Where’s my dinner, woman?” Then, when she and the dad figure tried to explain, calmly and sweetly, I called them assholes and told them to leave my kitchen!  What??! Why?!….. Hanger.

You can judge me.  It’s ok, I can take it.  God taught me a lesson three minutes later.  In the midst of my rage, as I stomped around my kitchen with my little black storm cloud overhead, I opened a drawer, looking in all of the places that wouldn’t have made sense to put those missing sweet potatoes.  People.  It was the cookie drawer.  Whether by subconscious design or not, I forgot to empty it.  And I was so hungry… There was a fierce internal battle until I slowly closed the drawer.  I was frozen in place except for the arm closing the drawer, and my eyes never left the almond windmill cookies until I finally closed the lid on that proverbial coffin.  Those little sirens…

I CLOSED THE DRAWER!!!  Then, I made dinner and it was lovely.  We had turkey burgers seasoned with salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder.  On top, we had lettuce, tomato slices, and cooked onion.  The recipe called for raw onion, but after the intense dragon breath following last night’s fresh salsa, I decided to give my mouth a break.  On the side we had sweet potato fries, which were seasoned with salt, black pepper, paprika, and garlic powder.  They turned out a damn fine brown (this is the term, coined by my grandfather, which is given to anything that’s a little burnt but still edible – the more emphasis on “damn” the blacker the food is), and they were actually pretty yummy.  Big surprise – I forgot to take a picture!  If we make this again, I’ll post a pic.


This was a tough day.  I hope my work lady is right and tomorrow will be smooth sailing!  If not, I will shut my yap when hangry and hope for the best for the next day OR I might have to find a way to get a cheeseburger into my shake.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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