Day 5 of 30. Friday Night Funk

Today was ok.  No crazy hunger.  I almost forgot to have my lunch shake!  Today’s shake was a little different.  It included:

  • Arbonne Vanilla Protein Shake Mix
  • Arbonne Daily Fiber Boost
  • Frozen berries – strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries
  • Baby kale
  • Flax meal
  • 50/50 Cashew milk/water

Let’s talk about almond milk.  And cashew milk and coconut milk.  It looks weird.  It tastes weird.  It SEEMS weird.  I’m using it in my shakes, because I can’t tell it’s there, but the idea of putting it on cereal or just drinking a glass of it is just a little gaggy.  I’m looking to the future a little bit, and I know when we’re ready for the reintegration process following this detox, IF I decide to add dairy back into my diet, I will be making the switch to raw milk from processed.

I live in the country, and I was raised around and on dairy farms.  I spent my years as a teenager enjoying all of the raw milk I could drink, and I know how valuable it is.  Trust me, it’s not the same as what you find in grocery stores.  You could liken processed milk to processed chicken.  When it goes through all of the processes which make it shelf-safe or “more nutritious” for grocery stores, it’s lost all of its goodness.  Raw milk is a whole food.  The calcium in raw milk is broken down into something different, as it goes through homogenization and pasteurization, and is no longer in its natural form.  Your body can’t recognize it or process it any longer, therefore, Vitamin D is added to help carry this foreign calcium through your body.  The real deal, raw milk is thick, rich, and sweet, and I MISS it!

ANYWAY!  Today isn’t short of challenge for me, other than missing milk.  I think it’s definitely easier to ignore food when I work all day.  Tonight, not so much.  It’s Friday!  It’s pizza and wing night and going to the movies night.  I’m sitting at home a little afraid to leave, because I haven’t quite wrapped my head around the idea of walking into a movie theater and NOT getting popcorn, and man, I really want to see Beauty and the Beast!  I’ll go, but I don’t think I trust myself today.

When I got home dinner was under way.  It was a winner!!  We made salmon and shrimp (because I hate salmon) seasoned with cumin, coriander, paprika and a few other things.  On the side was brown rice and avocado salsa.  Luckily, I had help with the shrimp – I couldn’t eat all of it.  We’ll definitely be making this again.  I’m so impressed I remembered to take a pic for you.


Tomorrow I’ll be shopping for next week.  We’ll see how it goes!  We picked a weekly menu from the 12 provided that’ll work for all of us and will be shopping from the list that comes with it.  I’m really happy I don’t have to figure out the shopping list.  I think it would be a daunting task amidst all of the change.


I’m worried about tomorrow.  Like I said, it’s easy to ignore food all day, when I’m working.  It’s another thing entirely on the weekends when I’m not obligated to be using my brain power on tasks and we’re out and about.  Fingers crosse for a successful weekend!


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