Day 6. Shopping day!

I have to start where my day started.  Oh man…  My sister is my person.  Siblings are the people who have been with us from the very start and know all the good, bad, and ugly.  There is VERY little about me she doesn’t know, and what she doesn’t know she knows.  Know what I mean?  So she knew I was a little down in the dumps about going out.

There are a couple of things I want to do this weekend, and it’s hard not doing them.

  1. I love beer.  I will choose it over any other alcoholic beverage any day, and the darker the better.  Can you say, “Guinness”?  One of my friends is a brewer of beer and has made a recipe that is, literally, the best beer I’ve ever had.  I was invited, about a month ago, to go to a little get-together where I would have gotten to sample some of the new recipes and probably some of the old.  I was so excited!  Guess what?  No alcohol during detox!  There’s no way I can go and NOT drink beer, so I had to decline.  BUMMER!
  2. I love going to the movies.  At home with a DVD is just not the same.  Going to a theater is still one of my favorite experiences.  You walk in and see all of the little kids excited they get to have stuff that’ll rot their teeth out.  People on dates and holding hands.  Smiles everywhere!  The aroma of popcorn wafting around like it owns the place, luring you in to the concession stand to have a little, or a lot.  I get excited EVERY time I buy a ticket.  There’s one rule I follow:  No matter how much crap I have stuffed in my purse – don’t judge me, you know you do it too – I always buy popcorn.  It’s just part of the experience!  Guess what?  No corn during detox!  The feeling I had last night when I didn’t go to the movies was not sad, more like confusion.  How do you go to the movies and NOT get popcorn?  You don’t know?… Me either.  So I didn’t go, and I was kinda bummed.

Following last night’s post, my dear sister knew I had a hard time with that, which is so silly and such a 1st world problem, so she called me to check up on me.  She FaceTimed me and asked me how I’m doing.  My chin started to quiver!  Seriously?!  I’m such a baby…  She reassured me these feelings are ok to have and everything will be ok.  LOL!  It’s ridiculous, but that’s where I was at 9:00am.

Comparing nuts to nuts.  I’m trying to figure out the shakes.  I took my sister’s advice and tried them without adding all of the extras today.  And I just, in this very moment, realized I forgot the Daily Fiber Boost.  Whoops!  Today’s shake was an experiment – cashew milk vs. almond milk.

Breakfast shake:

  • Arbonne Chocolate Protein Shake Mix
  • 50/50 Cashew milk/water

Lunch shake:

  • Arbonne Chocolate Protein Shake Mix
  • 50/50 Unsweetened vanilla almond milk/water

They tasted exactly alike.  Literally, no difference.  Coconut makes a difference because it’s naturally thicker and has a stronger flavor where the other two taste like a watered down version of the nuts they come from. (Somehow that statement is very funny…)  The taste and texture of the powder is surprisingly good!  The chocolate tastes very chocolate-y without being too chalky.  It really satisfied the chocolate craving.

The Shopping Trip:

I shopped for the family for the week on my own, with my almost-16-year-old son.  Arbonne provides 12 weeks of menus, and you just have to pick the menus that appeal the most.  The first page of each weekly menu is a list of the names of the meals along with a shopping list for the week.  Side Note:  These do not include any products you want to use in your shakes, so you have to add those.  My mom and I sat down together to figure out what we did NOT need to purchase.  We were able to cross off about 1/3 of the list as they were items we already had stocked up on when we bought the pantry staples last weekend.  I wrote down what we needed on a piece of paper and we were ready to go!


But first, let me introduce you to my son.  He’s a lovely teenager with all of the lovely qualities of the teenage species.  He’s doing the detox menu with us but not following it rigidly.  One of the things he still enjoys is a solid meal at lunchtime, while I drink my second shake of the day.  The poor kid was starving, so I took him to Chipotle, which is one of the few fast food restaurants that’s actually safe for us to eat at.  Here he is, starting to enjoy his burrito bowl (brown rice, black beans, steak, pico de gallo, guacamole, lettuce).  Isn’t he cute?!:


And in the next moment, he looked up:

Kid 1

At first you might think that look on his face means “you’re such a jerk. Why must you take my picture?”  However, you’d be wrong.  Just as my sister knows things about me, I know this look is pure, unadulterated evil…  He can now torture me with the deliciousness in front of him, and there’s NOTHING I can do about it. He took his first montrous gloopy bite of mexican goodness without breaking eye contact.  Evil.

To keep myself from watching him eat like I was a fat kid outside a candy store, I tried just looking at my phone.  Then, I started evesdropping on the conversation next to us, and it was less than interesting.  We had to get out of there fast!  In my desire to forget what my son was doing, I started counting the number of times I heard the word “like” and quit when I got to 50 in less than 5 minutes.  That is not an exaggeration, people.  I have the napkin to prove it. This is so judgmental, but at least I stopped focusing on my evil kid…

Back to shopping.  We went to the discount grocery store and were able to get all of the “other” items except the green chilies, which I ended up buying non-organic in the third and last store, because I just couldn’t find organic.  The meat and a few of the produce items were found at Aldi, and all of the other produce was purchased at Wegmans.  I thought I’d show you the difference in pricing for meat between those three locations.  As an example I took pictures of the prices of the grass-fed beef:

Picture 1 = Discount grocery store, P&R Discounts.  The original price is $5.99, and the discounted date is $3.99.  I bought one package to see how it is, while knowing the “Freeze by date” is 3/23/17 – that’s two days ago.  Truly, I think it’ll be ok, but I won’t know until i try to use it.

Picture 2 = Aldi.  $5.29 per pound isn’t bad!

Picture 3 = Wegmans.  $6.99 per individual pound BUT they are not out of the race!

Picture 4 = Wegmans also.  $17.67 for a 3-pack of individually packaged one pound portions.  That works out to be $5.89 per pound.  If you didn’t have time to make it to Aldi, this is still a good value.  Freeze what you don’t need.

This is just an example, but I think there’s an important lesson in the Wegmans prices.  You have to shop smarter!  What is the per ounce or per pound value of what you’re buying?  I had two boxes of Yoga brand organic brown rice in my cart at 14oz and $1.99 for each. That works out to be about $0.14 per ounce.  In another aisle of the same store, I spied a bag of organic brown rice with an equally notable brand which was 32oz. and $2.99 which works out to be just under $0.11 per ounce. I saved at least $1.56 on that product alone!

When we got home from shopping, we started to get dinner prepared.  We marinated chicken boobs in sunflower oil, lime juice, salt, and pepper, and cut up a bunch of peppers and onions all of which were cooked on the grill.  We had cooked brown rice left over, so this was an easy dinner to throw together after a long day.  I was worried about this one.  I have hated bell peppers – all colors – for my entire life.  They are bitter, they give me heartburn, and I can taste them in anything.  Once tasted, I quit eating it.  I once took a coworker out for luch and ordered a salad, and she spent the first 10 minutes of the meal watching me pick diced bell pepper out of it.  I considered keeping some onion separate from the peppers for myself, but I had to be fair.  Everyone in this home has been eating things they don’t appreciate, so why should I be any different?


For the first time EVER! I really liked peppers!  I still can’t tell if this stuff tastes good, because it’s the only solid food I’m eating or if it really just tastes that good!  At this point I don’t care, and it was great to see my mom staring at me as I ate.  She couldn’t believe what she was seeing!


All-in-all it’s been a good day.

I faced the shopping challenge and it wasn’t too bad!  It was easier than last week.  The grand total of the shopping trip was about $120.  For one week, for four people.  I used to spend that much on just my son and I PLUS stops for coffee and fast food during the work week.  Since I’m splitting the cost with my parents, the actual cost for me is $60.  That’s amazing!

Update from the time I began this blog – I’m going to the movies tomorrow!  And I found out I didn’t need to let my son torture me.  I could have eaten my meal of the day for lunch and had a shake for dinner.  Lesson learned. 


3 thoughts on “Day 6. Shopping day!

  1. Hi Liz!

    I found the link to your blog on Chrissy’s FB page. I am totally digging this detox you are doing!! If you are interested in some smoothie/shake improvement, I have some suggestions for you. I’m sure you are getting plenty of advice from others, so I hope I’m not interfering, but I’ve been playing around with smoothies on my own for a while, so I thought this might be helpful. For what it’s worth…

    You mentioned wanting a creamier shake, perhaps frozen bananas? I peel and freeze them first and they add both sweetness and creaminess that berries just can’t match. Another way to add creaminess is avocado, you only need about 1/4 of an avocado and it creates a nice thick consistency. I like the avocado best in chocolate smoothies. Also, you might find spinach easier than kale since you can’t taste the spinach as much as the kale. Sometimes I even use frozen spinach. You can also try nut butters, like cashew, almond, or peanut butter instead of the milks; then you don’t have that slightly cardboard taste. I usually just use water, sometimes with a little coconut water added in for extra sweetness, since I feel the same way you do about most fake milks. My favorite smoothie recipe is spinach, banana, and peanut butter. (On a side note, frozen banana, cocoa powder, and PB is a pretty nice substitute for a chocolate milkshake).

    Also, you mentioned the way your shake changes color, my guess is that’s got something to do with the vitamins in the Arbonne mix or Fiber Boost dissolving over time. I have a supplement that does that too. I’m wondering if it would be possible to add the powder right before you drink it? If you have one of those shaker bottles, that might be enough to mix it in without it being lumpy? I guess it depends on how thick you make the shake, it has worked for me, but I like mine on the thinner side. The flax meal could also be a culprit, as it gets gummy when combined with liquid.

    Anyway, this got a little longer than I expected, I hope it is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions about anything I wrote. I’m so enjoying your blog, thank you for sharing!


    1. I love smoothies! Banana is usually my go-tomorrow creaminess, but it’s not allowed on the detox. Will definitely try avocado as a replacement! My mom told me she’s been adding almond butter to hers which I’m going to try tomorrow. Sounds good! Thanks for all of the suggestions and I’m glad you like my blog! I’m having fun writing it!


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