Day 9 of 30.  Staying the Course.

The peepers are peeping! Where I come from that means SPRING!! This is a very exciting sound to hear following two feet of snow two weeks ago.  Winter is over. Hallelujah.

I jinxed myself yesterday. I talked about how much better I was sleeping, in my post.  Well, I didn’t fall asleep until about 2:30am, and I’m dragging. My sister was so disappointed when I told her I didn’t think I would post today that I had to do it.

I don’t have much to report. My shakes were simply

  • Arbonne Chocolate Protein Shake Mix
  • Daily Fiber Boost
  • 3/4 Coconut Milk / 1/4 water

I like this one a lot!  Enough that I think I’ll stick with it for a while.  A coworker asked me today  if I’m craving anything.  I’m really not!  One thing I typically crave is chocolate (Hershey’s milk chocolate, please and thank you), but the chocolate powder is just sweet enough and just chocolate-y enough to keep that particular beast at bay. Do you hear that, ladies?! This is big!    I know I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but I feel it bears repeating.

I find myself struggling with things that seem odd to me.  I travel so much for my job that drive-thru windows have been a part of my life.  It’s not the food I miss, it’s the satisfaction of the slightest feeling of hunger. If I even felt a teensy bit hungry I would justify a quick stop to grab something from a convenience store or fast food.  Also, Cheez-its. I miss my Cheez-its.

I had a very uneventful day, other than that time when I went with my parents to look at some baby chicks… We were about to get back in the car when the dad guy patted a dog house and said, “This would be a nice summer house for you, Liz! And you’d fit in it by then too!” Oh my gosh… I laughed so hard!  To be fair to him and, so you don’t think he’s a terrible person, I will tell you the dog house was taller than me, and I might have fit through the door after this week. And the devil on my other shoulder is pretty sure this was a subtle way of calling me a bitch. Ha! Side Note: Have I told you, when my sister calls me, my phone barks? See? Subtle…

Dinner was ok tonight.  It was pasta fagioli, which I’d never eaten before.  It’s kind of a tomato soup and bean base with pasta. It was good. Not my favorite, but it may have been because there was too much pasta and it turned slightly bland. I didnt take a picture for you – please accept my deepest regrets and apologies! I promise you didn’t miss much. If you’ve seen a picture of meatless minestrone soup, you’ve seen my dinner.  Tomorrow is a crockpot meal. It’s all mixed up and ready to go for tomorrow.  I’ll definitely be sharing a pic of that one!


Today was easier than yesterday. I’m getting a routine down for ny intake of supplements for the day and find myself looking forward to family dinner every night. It’s been nice cooking with my mama ❤


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