Day 11 of 30. Moving Day Fun.

I’m not sure what to write about today.  I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of hours, but there isn’t anything standing out, so I’ll tell you a story.  But, first…

I ran out of coconut milk yesterday and couldn’t find it stocked in local grocery stores.  It’s not the kind you get in a can, it comes in a half-gallon container like almond milk, and it’s, apparently, not that easy to find.  My shakes today were made with:

  • Arbonne Chocolate Protein Shake Mix
  • Daily Fiber Boost
  • 75/25 Unsweetened Cashew Milk / Water
  • Almond butter

I’ve found, the longer I let the blender go, the creamier this mix is.  The first time I used almond butter for flavor, it was kind of lumpy and watery.  I recommend letting it blend for a couple of minutes.

I felt kind of hungry all day, and I forgot to bring snacks, so I relied on Fizz Sticks to help me out.  Let me back up and tell you something about myself.  If it’s possible for me to fumble something in my hands, I will.  If it’s possible to spill something regardless of how insignificant the risk seems, I will do it.  I can’t eat in public, because I wear my food like a one-year old learning to eat spaghetti.  Today was moving day in my office – just moving from one office to another down the hall.  As I was moving things, with the help of a coworker, I was thinking, “Don’t trip on that”, “Don’t dump that box”, “Don’t drop that, you idiot!”  Miraculously, I didn’t hurt myself, anything, or any one else.  In other words, I got complacent.

My new desk is nice and wide and has a hutch with cabinets and shelves, which needed dusting.  I was happily taking care of business when it happened.  Why, when I know myself, would I leave a FULL water bottle open on a desk that I am actively cleaning?  I bumped into the water bottle (already loaded with citrus-flavored Energy Fizz Stick) as I leaned over it, and it went everywhere.  There were a few interesting words as I saved my computer and all of the stuff I had been working on. There was fizzy water under and on every surface of every thing on the desk.  And when I looked down, I found I had been standing in and spreading around what looked like a giant puddle of dog pee.  Are you curious about what my biggest concern and thought process was at that point?  “Crap, I’m going to be starving in 20 minutes.”  Dog pee, shmog pee…


Fun fact:  My son who is not doing the detox, is also seeing some changes.  Since we live in the same house, and we no longer have all of the usual stuff in the cabinets, it means he’s not eating unhealthy snacks and is eating the same dinners I am.  For breakfast, he has a shake, gluten-free oatmeal, or eggs.  For lunch at school, he gets a wrap with ranch or italian dressing for dipping.  I, 100%, expected him to lose a couple of pounds, because of the loss of the junk in the house.  It makes sense, right?  On measurement day (Monday), we found out Aidan lost 8.2 pounds!  I’m not gonna lie.  It’s a little irritating that he gets to eat solid food and lost almost as much as I did, but, more than that, it gives me some hope for our post-detox period.  By keeping the same types of food in the house, we’ll be able to maintain our progress, which has been a worry living in the back of my mind since we started.  He likes most things we’ve been eating so I’m not foreseeing too much of a struggle.

Tonight’s dinner was pretty good!  It was chicken stir fry.  I thought I’d miss soy sauce and all of the other saucy goodness I usually use in stir fry, but the seasonings were full and rich and made everything so flavorful, I didn’t miss it at all.  Along with the chicken, we added strips of red bell pepper and onion, garlic, and broccoli.  It was all seasoned with smoked paprika, green curry powder, and turmeric.  There was a slight bite of heat, but not bad.  To the other detoxers – if you try this recipe, it says you should be very careful with the amount of seasonings, because they can become overpowering.  We were a little too cautious, because the color from the turmeric was so bold.  Color does not equal flavor – use more than you think you should.



This isn’t so bad, and the future is looking good!




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