Day 13 of 30. April Fool’s Day.

Another shopping day in the books!  It gets easier and easier every week. We know where we’re going to find the things on our list, so we’re not spending a lot of time searching in each store.  The discount store has slightly different stuff every week, so we usually spend a little more time there than we do in Aldi or Wegmans.  Best buy of the day: 4 wild caught tuna steaks for under $10 at Wegmans.  

I spent the day with my mama, and we decided to change up the order of meals today. We ate lunch at Chipotle (!!!), and drank shakes for dinner. 

I forgot to take the pretty, before picture.  This mashed up mess is exactly the meal my son tortured me with last Saturday.  Brown rice, black beans, steak, pico de gallo, guacamole, lettuce, and I asked for salsa verde for a little more heat.  Insert deep sigh here.  It was so delicious.

As soon as we left Chipotle, we drove down a couple of doors to take this snapshot as an April Fool’s Day gag and sent it to my dad.  He would’ve been UPSET if it weren’t a joke.

Then my sister called and tried to make us believe my brother-in-law, who we knew was playing softball this morning, took a ball to the face. This is a person who showed up on April Fool’s Day, 15 years ago, and told us she’d flown to Texas to get married that day and flew back.  Guess what?! I didn’t believe her then, I didn’t believe her today, but I was the fool.  Both stories are true.  I didn’t believe it until there was photographic evidence, but!  Seven stitches inside his cheek later, and he’s currently wearing a band-aid on his face with this guy 😭 on it covering the spot where his teeth came through his face.   

Gross. I bet you’re glad I shared!

Back to business…  Shakes of the day!

  • 50/50 Arbonne Vanilla and Chocolate Protein Shake Mix 
  • Arbonne Daily Fiber Boost
  • Frozen Strawberries
  • Almond Butter
  • 50/50 Cashew milk and water

This mix was pretty good, but I think I have to call it quits on almond butter in shakes. It kills it for me. 

Ending my day with Arbonne Detox Tea and a movie!


It’s been a good day.  Hopefully, we calculated our food needs well, and we don’t have make any grocery store runs this week.  

I’m starting to look for post-detox recipes which follow the reintegration plan.  Will start to post those recipes as we dive into that phase of the game plan.


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