Day 16 of 30. Drinking and Driving

Before I tell you my story, I wanted to share a new shake mix I tried today.  It tasted a lot like chai tea, and it’s my new favorite.

  • Arbonne Vanilla Protein Shake Mix
  • Arbonne Daily Fiber Boost
  • 50/50 Coconut Milk and water
  • Cinnamon – Use a little more than you think you should. You won’t regret it!

The vanilla powder has not been my favorite, so I’ve been mixing berries in with it to hide the flavor. It’s not a terrible flavor, just not for me. Cinnamon can make anything taste better, so I put in about 1/2 teaspoon for (2) shakes. I would put more in next time, though, and maybe a little nutmeg. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I travel quite often for my job, but today was the first day I felt like I had to strategize.  I don’t mean figuring out what to do or what I needed to bring with me. I couldn’t figure out how to make it work in my car!

The Big Plan Part 1:  The first trip of the day was to an office nearly two hours away from home. I’m speaking in hours, not miles.  I’m drinking so much different stuff, I needed a plan for pit stops along the way. Like a fool, in a hurry to get to Point B, I chucked my original plan out the window thinking, “It’s not so bad. I can wait.” Well, big surprise!… I couldn’t.  Instead of a nice clean Sheetz bathroom, at the half-way point, I stopped at a gas station three miles from my destination in a state of serious desperation. The bathroom was not fun, and I immediately regretted not sticking with the smart, thought-out plan.  

The Big Plan Part 2:  How to drink and drive.  I live on a farm, we have a garden, and we can food in jars.  The only container I have that will fit the Arbonne 7 Day Body  Cleanse liquid with a lid that won’t pop off is a 1-quart mason jar.  The opening on this thing is as wide as a large cappuccino mug, and it was filled nearly to the brim.  During work hours, I have a purpose, and I have somewhere I need to be.  I’m usually Lead-Foot Lucy when I travel between offices, but today, on the second leg of my travel, was a different story.  Today was the first time I prayed for red lights, which was my on-the-fly solution to this new and interesting challenge.  Red lights…  Are you smacking your forehead? I am!  Who knows what the other drivers were thinking as they watched me struggle with the lid and making a mess of myself?!  There were spills and thrills until the first 12oz. we’re gone, but I made it!

The moral of this story?  Make a plan for all possibilities. Then, for the love of God, use it!


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