Reintegration Phase 1. I Screwed it Up!

Yeah, I screwed it up.  Anyone who knows me is not surprised by this.  I think I got so excited to see the word “fruit” as I was reading through the reintegration plan that I had a small stroke.  Day 1 to 3 is meant for the addition of peanuts, not the Cuties and bananas I bought.    So!  I ate a Cutie yesterday. Nothing happened (…and the crowd roars! Aahhhh!!!!).  I didn’t try a banana; instead I bought a jar of organic, dark roast, unsweetened, chunky peanut butter.  So f@$&ing good.  I’m having a little heart burn, but that’s typical for me and peanuts.  We’ve never been the best of friends BUT there are certain things it’s extremely important to put peanut butter on.

  1. Not jelly.  Eggs.  I understand your disgust.  I can imagine it on your face right now.  I’m going to, politely, ask your face to shut up, because there’s nothing better for peanut butter than scrambled eggs.  
  2. Jelly.  Still can’t have jelly, and I do love a good PB&J.  Until I can have jelly, I’ll settle for…
  3. Bananas!!  It’s a match made in heaven.  Can you see it? A plate with scrambled eggs, banana slices, and some peanut butter. Breakfast greatness.  Maybe even brinner on Sunday.
  4. Green apples.  They’ve always been on the Please Do food list. I’ve been using almond butter for the past month, and there’s a reason I still have a bunch left.  I really want to like it, but I tolerate it at best.  It’s just not my thing. Thank you, God, for peanut butter. Amen.

I’m still drinking shakes for breakfast and lunch.  Same old stuff yesterday and today, but I’m thinking I might throw a little peanut butter in tomorrow.  How bad could it be?!


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